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ATLA - 38
Merlin - 70
Tangled - 23

Super update with icons from the first 5 episodes of Merlin, the movie Tangled, and the ATLA episode the Storm. Think I'll do something with Hogfather next since we're getting closer and closer to the holidays. Leaving for my grandparents' house tomorrow; hopefully the near lack of internet will give me more time to make icons.


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Ash Photoshoot - 8
A:TLA Doodles - 11
Fanaa - 80

Finished up the movie Fanaa, so that's part (2/2). I'll probably have the rest of the Death of the Doctor out next week. I've never actually used the split screencap format before... or if I have, I've used it like... once, so I did a lot of experimenting with that in the Fanaa icons. My favorite Fanaa icon is actually probably #67, but I left it below the cut because of spoilers.

Oh yeah, SPOILERS for the Bollywood movie, Fanaa.


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Hey look. I'm not dead, and it's time for everybody's favorite Avatar episode, "The Great Divide."

26 icons in total.



Also, if you've ever browsed through the rest of this community, you may have noticed my animated Doctor Who icons. I finally got my Avatar DVD boxsets back, so I'd be able to make animated icons for Avatar as well. So...

Would you be interested in seeing similar A:TLA animated icons? Yay or Nay?
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Capslock ATLA: 8
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi: 161

So I've been dragged into the wonderful world of Bollywood. So the rest of the 5th season Doctor Who animated icons will be a bit delayed. I will finish them eventually, but for now I'm too attracted to Bollywood's fabulous use of color.

Also some icons from Capslock ATLA that I've made over the past month. Thought I should round them up and put them in a single place.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender - 31

Extremely busy this week and for most of next. Just getting this out here to show I'm not dead.


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So. This one took forever to make. As penance I included a bunch of icon based off my Earth King Colbert macro from [livejournal.com profile] capslock_atla. (IF YOU CLICK REMEMBER IT'S CAPSLOCK.)

Disney sequel post still coming... eventually.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 29

29 icons from the Winter Solstice (Part 1).

Part two will be up next week, but before then I'm going to have an epically large Disney sequel icon post. So far, movies that I'm doing include both Aladdin sequels, Beauty and the Beast (Enchanted Christmas), Cinderella 3, Jungle Book 2, Lilo & Stitch 2, Lion King 2, Little Mermaid 2, Mulan 2, Peter Pan 2, and the Rescuers Down Under. If there's a movie not in this list that you want to see icon'd, comment now or forever hold your peace.

Moving on...


always outnumbered, never outmatched )


Mar. 2nd, 2010 08:51 pm
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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 34

Just like the last episode was very green, this one was very yellow. I seem to only notice these when I make icons.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 26

Sorry for the delay. I've discovered that it's a lot harder to successfully poke fun at an episode when it's pretty insane to begin with. That and there was A LOT of green... which is nice, but it's not a color I usually emphasize in my icons.


Let Us Leave! )
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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 31

28 icons from the re-icon project and two from the recent Last Airbender trailer. (I hate resizing gifs.) Oh, and one well... other.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 23

Finally going back to my roots with some Avatar stuff. Rebooting up the old re-icon project. For those who don't remember, the re-icon project involves me going back to the very first episode of Avatar and making hopefully humorous icons. It never really launched off the ground, but now with the live-action movie due to come out this summer, I figure why not.

Also, from now on I'm going to try to be consistent. Every Monday I'll put out a batch of stuff for the re-icon project, and on Friday's I'll post up everything else.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender - 32
Nijuu Mensou no Musume/The Daughter of Twenty Faces - 10

Continuing my ancient project of going through all the episodes of avatar and iconing the funny parts. Well... hopefully funny. Plus some Nijuu Mensou no Musume icons because that show needs A LOT more love.


Icons below the cut. )

Also, if you want different text or textless versions of the Avatar icons, just ask because I have most of them saved.

ETA: Let me know if you can see a difference between these two icons. If so, I need to re-upload the icons from the last batch.

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Anastasia - 14
Avatar: the Last Airbender - 5
El Dorado - 34
Gargoyles Comics - 30
Muppet Family Christmas - 2
The Prince of Egypt - 10

Remember that post I made about two years ago where I said that I'd be making El Dorado icons? Well, I finally dug out the screencaps I had saved that I didn't even remember having, and I made them. Also, I'm going to be reworking this community to make everything easier to find with more frequent updates.


Two years late but they're here. )
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Muppet Family Christmas - 1
Random Catholic Priest on the Beach - 1
Anastasia - 1
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland - 7
Pocco Rosso - 1
Whose Line is it Anyway? - 1
Hunchback of Notre Dame - 7
Avatar: the Last Airbender - 13
Prince of Egypt - 2
Yugioh - 1
The Great Mouse Detective - 16
Mulan - 1

Screencaps courtesy of avatarspirit.net and disney-dreams.net and other places I've forgotten and my own self screencapping off youtube.


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Avatar: the Last Airbender: 16
Anastasia: 4

Screencaps courtesy of avatarspirit.net and disney-dreams.net


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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Mostly Ty Lee and Azula with some Mai
Total: 23

If you want to use some as bases that's fine, and just ask me if you want the text removed. Credit if using. Comments are always appreciated.


Ozai's Angels Make a Return )
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Avatar: the Last Airbender
Screencaps courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] whoresque

Some Halloween Icons from The Puppetmaster.



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Avatar: the Last Airbender
Screencaps courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] whoresque

Ty Lee: 28
Azula: 17
Mai: 5
Zuko: 4
Ty Lee and Azula: 8
Ty Lee and Mai: 3
Ty Lee and Zuko: 1
Ozai's Angels: 5
Ozai's Angels + Zuko: 4



Circus Freak is a compliment! )

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing. These can be edited or used as bases. Just remember to credit with the finished icon.

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