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Mulan - 54
Various - 12

Umm... Yeah. No Avatar. I haven't really been inspired to do that much Avatar stuff recently. I know this is [livejournal.com profile] aws_icons, but perhaps a break from Avatar is what I need. (I don't particularly like my Gargoyle icons for this batch, but I figured I'd just put them up anyway.)


Hooray for random Pratchett references. )
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Muppet Family Christmas - 1
Random Catholic Priest on the Beach - 1
Anastasia - 1
Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland - 7
Pocco Rosso - 1
Whose Line is it Anyway? - 1
Hunchback of Notre Dame - 7
Avatar: the Last Airbender - 13
Prince of Egypt - 2
Yugioh - 1
The Great Mouse Detective - 16
Mulan - 1

Screencaps courtesy of avatarspirit.net and disney-dreams.net and other places I've forgotten and my own self screencapping off youtube.


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Welcome to my icon community! I imported everything from LJ after a three year hiatus, so some old icon links are broken. Gradually working on getting it all up and displaying properly again.

Send me a PM if there's any post in particular you'd like to see shuffled up to the top of my "fix it" queue.