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DW (Amy's Choice) - 24
Merlin - 33
Pokemon - 39

So I finally got around to finishing the animated icons I had from Amy's Choice on my hard drive. Up next is the Silurian two-parter that I'll probably just condense into one post since I don't like that episode as much. Also, more icons from the first season of Merlin and icons from some Pokemon fanart (all 1st gen). I'll hopefully get to the Johto pokemon next because they're a lot of fun to color.


amy and merlin and pokemon, oh my! )

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Welcome to my icon community! I imported everything from LJ after a three year hiatus, so some old icon links are broken. Gradually working on getting it all up and displaying properly again.

Send me a PM if there's any post in particular you'd like to see shuffled up to the top of my "fix it" queue.