Stargate Goauld + Adria (26 icons and picspam)

Sorry for the deadness. This past school year was rough. I will be making icons of the new Legend of Korra episodes soon. For now, here's 26 icons made for a mini-bang for [ profile] stargateland


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37 icons from Doctor Who; 9 from Game of Thrones

Well August and September went by in a flash. I'll get back to posting usually funny/gif icons eventually; school's been kicking my butt for now.

In the meantime, I did a 20in20 and [ profile] who_rumble again as well as some stuff for [ profile] throneland awhile back, so figured I'd post the stuff from that. A bit different from my normal fare, but I like them.


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25 icons and 6 GIFs from Legend of Korra Trailer

So the new Legend of Korra trailer came out. Icons and GIFs, of course, were inevitable.


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27 icons of Diana Rigg

Today's entry is very near and dear to my heart. Diana Rigg who played Mrs. Emma Peel on the 1960's British show, the Avengers, turned 73 yesterday. In honor of that (plus the fact that I've been meaning to make some icons of her and the Avengers for awhile), I bring 27 icons of the fabulous lady herself.


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54 Animated Icons from Day of the Moon

So I told myself I'd totally do a lot less than last time and I end up doing 54. Go me. Have a bit of free time now, so I'll be working on the next episode finally as soon as possible.


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Who Rumble (Round 3) - 15 icons

So, fell a bit behind but next batch of DW Season 6 icons should be up tomorrow. In the meantime, something I've been meaning to post, my entries for the last Who Rumble.

There's another Who Rumble just starting and sign ups are closed, but votes are always appreciated and it's fun to see all the different entires. So check it out.


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67 Day of the Moon Icons

Okay, so super busy this morning but I finished these last night and figured I'd get them at least uploaded for the people who watch this comm before I left. Numbering, adding my normal rules, and x-posting will come later.

Got some extra time, so finished the post. Just a bit to tide people over until the next episode comes out today. Hopefully I'll be somewhat caught up to it by the end of the week. GIFs to come another day.


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Impossible Astronaut Icons (animated

48 animated Impossible Astronaut icons (Doctor Who 6x01).

So yeah. Took a little bit to find a new uploader now that Imageshack doesn't do gifs, but here they are. There will definitely be less than 48 animated icons per episode for the future episodes to come because these... took a while. Hope people enjoy!

impast22 impast08 impast40

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Impossible Astronaut Icons

121 icons from the Impossible Astronaut (Doctor Who 6x01)

And I'm back with the start of the new Doctor Who season... well, late start. But I'm done with school for the summer, so hopefully I should get caught up sometime this week. Animated icons of the same episode to come either later today or tomorrow.


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Amy's Choice, Merlin, Pokemon Triple Update

DW (Amy's Choice) - 24
Merlin - 33
Pokemon - 39

So I finally got around to finishing the animated icons I had from Amy's Choice on my hard drive. Up next is the Silurian two-parter that I'll probably just condense into one post since I don't like that episode as much. Also, more icons from the first season of Merlin and icons from some Pokemon fanart (all 1st gen). I'll hopefully get to the Johto pokemon next because they're a lot of fun to color.


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Doctor Who's "A Christmas Carol"

132 icons from the Doctor Who special, A Christmas Carol.

I set out to make about 30 icons... and then it exploded. Tried to pick somewhat non-spoilery preview icons and - though it should be obvious - SPOILERS FOR THE NEW 2010 DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL.

Also, I want to thank everyone in advance for helping this community reach over a thousand comments! Here's to the next thousand! <3


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Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham - 20
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - 4
Om Shanti Om - 5

So... these have been building up on my hard drive for the past several months and I'd figure I'd archive them together at one place. Please don't hotlink!

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The Storm - Merlin - Tangled

ATLA - 38
Merlin - 70
Tangled - 23

Super update with icons from the first 5 episodes of Merlin, the movie Tangled, and the ATLA episode the Storm. Think I'll do something with Hogfather next since we're getting closer and closer to the holidays. Leaving for my grandparents' house tomorrow; hopefully the near lack of internet will give me more time to make icons.


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100+ Watchers Icon Request Thread

Okay, so I've had more than 100 watchers for a while now, but here's an official thank you to the people who keep me in their friends lists. You don't have to be a watcher to request an icon, but seeing as how I'm not cross-posting this to any icon community if you're reading this chances are you've read it off your friends list or just randomly check to see if I've updated.

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Ash Photoshoot, A:TLA doodles, and Fanaa (2/2)

Ash Photoshoot - 8
A:TLA Doodles - 11
Fanaa - 80

Finished up the movie Fanaa, so that's part (2/2). I'll probably have the rest of the Death of the Doctor out next week. I've never actually used the split screencap format before... or if I have, I've used it like... once, so I did a lot of experimenting with that in the Fanaa icons. My favorite Fanaa icon is actually probably #67, but I left it below the cut because of spoilers.

Oh yeah, SPOILERS for the Bollywood movie, Fanaa.


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Death of the Doctor and Fanaa (1/???)

Death of the Doctor (SJA) - 29
Fanaa (Bollywood) - 24

In an attempt to make more posts, I'm going to post whatever I have on my harddrive on Wednesdays even if it's not Doctor Who stuff or Avatar stuff or only Part 1 of a possible 507. So this week you're getting part one of my Death of the Doctor icons from the Sarah Jane Adventures and part one of Fanaa. Since they're both part ones, they're kind of not-spoilery; however, next week there will be spoilers abound.


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The Great Divide

Hey look. I'm not dead, and it's time for everybody's favorite Avatar episode, "The Great Divide."

26 icons in total.



Also, if you've ever browsed through the rest of this community, you may have noticed my animated Doctor Who icons. I finally got my Avatar DVD boxsets back, so I'd be able to make animated icons for Avatar as well. So...

Would you be interested in seeing similar A:TLA animated icons? Yay or Nay?
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The Top Nine Best Payoffs Picspam

Been settling back into my new semester schedule. I should have a new icon post up by the end of the week, but first, a picspam!

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