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Okay, so I've had more than 100 watchers for a while now, but here's an official thank you to the people who keep me in their friends lists. You don't have to be a watcher to request an icon, but seeing as how I'm not cross-posting this to any icon community if you're reading this chances are you've read it off your friends list or just randomly check to see if I've updated.

As you probably know, I make many different types of icons (both animated and still), so under "Icon Type" please use one of the following numbers or - if the style you like isn't up here - link to one of my icons that you want it to look like.

01 - animated, long with text; 02 - animated, center; 03 - text, animated

04- plain; 05 - text, helvetica neue; 06 - text, other

07- split level; 08 - blend up; 09 - manips

Icon Type: [you can mix numbers; ex. 5&7 would be a split level icon with helvetica font]
Source Picture: [url link to picture(s) and/or youtube video if you wanted an animated thing]
Text: [if you want something written on the icon]
Other: [anything else you think I should know about]

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Welcome to my icon community! I imported everything from LJ after a three year hiatus, so some old icon links are broken. Gradually working on getting it all up and displaying properly again.

Send me a PM if there's any post in particular you'd like to see shuffled up to the top of my "fix it" queue.