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Hey look. I'm not dead, and it's time for everybody's favorite Avatar episode, "The Great Divide."

26 icons in total.


WARNING - Icon #9 is a South Park reference so there are a lot of swear words (or at least more swear words than my other icons) on it. Click on it if you want to see the text.


06-10 [*]





Feel free to recommend alternate text.
Feel free to request a change in speed (faster/slower).
Please credit if using.
Comments are not necessary, but MUCH appreciated.

Also, if you've ever browsed through the rest of this community, you may have noticed my animated Doctor Who icons. I finally got my Avatar DVD boxsets back, so I'd be able to make animated icons for Avatar as well. So...

Would you be interested in seeing similar A:TLA animated icons? Yay or Nay?
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Welcome to my icon community! I imported everything from LJ after a three year hiatus, so some old icon links are broken. Gradually working on getting it all up and displaying properly again.

Send me a PM if there's any post in particular you'd like to see shuffled up to the top of my "fix it" queue.